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About Me

Hi there! This is Ecem, the designer of NOCTILOUCA. Following a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I decided to create my dream brand in May 2017. Off the top of my head, I was always into jewelry and I remember selling jewelry I made when I was very little (with my twin sis by my side and with the support and a little help from my big sis 💜) Besides jewelry, I was always into fashion design (I still keep a pair of pants I sewed for one of my barbie dolls lol) Years past, I grew up and decided to study Fashion Design and finally I graduated from F.I.T. !
Having all the free time to work on my dream brand, I started to sell my first body jewelry on Etsy under the same name NOCTILOUCA.
(The name Noctilouca comes from "Noctiluca Scintillans" also known as "sea sparkles". These lovely little sea organisms produce light in the dark at night and create this beautiful light show in the sea. I was always fascinated by how beautiful and special they are and so I decided to name my brand after them.Getting all the positive reviews and feedback from my customers made me more and more passionate about what I was creating.
I am truly thankful to have such wonderful loyal customers that keep me motivated to stay in this small business. Body Jewelry is a big passion for me but I definitely want to extend the clothing section and maybe add a menswear section in the future. I make each piece by hand with love and care. I love seeing them on my customers, being a part of their fun moments, add a little shine and brighten up their outfits and moods. ✨
I started NOCTILOUCA with a goal to help all mermaids across the world look and feel unique in a handmade creation that is special and outstanding. I only create what makes me happy and I want to continue following this passion by creating many more designs for you in the future. My greatest wish is that my designs will make you feel like fairies, bring beauty and joy to your life. Thank you so much for your support.
Much love! 🦄💜😊🧜🏻‍♀️